Anti Ragging Committee

The Anti Ragging Committee

The Anti Ragging Committee Is hereby Constituted to Prohibit, prevent and eliminate the scourge of ragging in Pacific Institute Of Medical Sciences, Udaipur. The Committee Consists of Following Members:

Sr.No Name Designation Position in the Committee Telephone
1 Dr. B. L. Kumar Principal & Controller Chairman 9414157678
2 Brig. (Dr.) P. K. Bhatnagar Chief Warden, HOD Prof. Obs. &Gyanic Member 7891586226
3 Ms. Varsha Butoliya Assistant Professor, Physiology Member 9461694636
4 Mrs. Kalpana Sharma Assistant Professor, Anatomy Member 9571678393
5 Anand Dhakar Legal Advisor Member 7230032431
6 Mr. Sanjay Swami SHO Circle Inspector (Hiran Magri Thana) Member
7 Mrs. Kavita Sharma Representative N.G.O. Member 7230032445
8 Mr. Jitendra Sharma Nursing Superintendent Member

Toll Free No.

Toll Free No. only for Anti-Ragging -180030001882

Mail id for Anti Ragging, Report/Complain/Feedback is