Clinical Pathological Corelation(CPC) Committee

Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences, Udaipur

Sr.No. Name Designation Position in the Committee
1 Dr. Chandra Mathur Medical Superintendent Coordinator
2 Dr. Kailash Chandra Nayak Prof. & Head, General Medicine Member
3 Dr. Kalpana K. Dave Prof. & Head, Pathology Member
4 Brig. (Dr.) P.K. Bhatnagar Prof. & Head, Obs. & Gyanic Member
5 Dr. Matariswa Samanta Assistant Prof., Pathology Member
6 Dr. Mohini Nainani Asso. Prof. Obs. & Gyanic Member
7 Dr. R. K. Samar Assistant Prof. General Medicine Member
8 Dr. Shiv Raj Meena Asso. Prof. General Surgery Member
9 Dr. Praveen Jhanwar Assistant Prof. General Surgery Member
10 Dr. Vikram Singh Assistant Prof. E.N.T. Member
11 Dr. Raja Ram Sharma Asst. Prof. Radiology Member
12 Dr. Vivek Prashar Assistant Prof. Pediatric Member
13 Dr. Ashok Kuwal Assistant Prof. T.B. & Chest Member
14 Dr. Vikas Gupta Assistant Prof. General Surgery Member