Information Under MSR Clause B 1.11

Information Under MSR Clause B 1.11

Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences, Udaipur
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Medical Superintendent

Teaching Staff

Non Teaching Staff

c. Govt. Intake Capacity
d. Students List
e. Research Publications
f. CME
g. Awards and Achievements
h. Affiliation

Third MBBS Part II Examination - March-2020 (Remandad)

Second MBBS(Main) Examination - Feb.-2020

Third MBBS Part-I(Main) Examination - Jan.-2020

Third MBBS Part-II(Main) Examination - Jan.-2020

Third MBBS Part-I (Main) Examination - Feb.2019

Second MBBS (Main) Examination - Feb.2019

First MBBS Examination (Remanded)-2018

First MBBS Examination August-2018

Second MBBS Examination May-2018(Remanded)

Second MBBS(Main)-2018

j. Courses Offered
k. Clinical Data
l. Biometric Attendance Dashboard