Pharmaco-Vigilance Committee

PharmacoVigilance Committee

Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences, Udaipur
S.No. Name Designation Position in the Committee
1. Dr. B. L. Kumar Principal & Controller Chairman
2. Dr. Chandra Mathur Medical Superintendent Co-Chairperson
3. Dr. Vijay Baghel Prof. & HOD, Pharmacology Member Secretary
4. Brig. (Dr.) P.K. Bhatnagar Prof. & HOD, Obs. & Gyane. Member
5. Dr. Kailash Chandra Nayak Asso. Prof, Medicine Member
6. Dr. Surendra Prakash Chouhan Prof. & HOD, Surgery Member
7. Dr. S.L. Mandowra Prof. & HOD, Pediatrics Member
8. Dr. D. R. Galfat Prof. & HOD, Orthopedics Member
9. Dr. Rakesh Kushwaha Prof. & HOD, Anesthesia Member
10. Dr. Ramesh Batra Prof. & HOD, Psychiatry Member
11. Dr. C.S. Vyas Prof. & HOD, Ophthalmology Member
12. Dr. Nisit K. Surti Ass. Prof., Skin & V.D Member
13. Dr. S.K. Vaishnav Prof. & HOD, ENT Member
14. Dr. Lokesh Sharma Prof. & HOD, T.B. & Chest Member
15. Dr. Ramesh Savardekar Prof. & HOD, Forensic Medicine Member
16. Mr. Jitendra Sharma Nursing Superintendent Member
17 Mr. Ashok Tak Chief Pharmacist Member