Nephrology Super Speciality

We provide the most advanced and innovative treatment techniques and concentrate on creating the right environment for renal patients. Our treatment extends to all kinds of kidney problems like diabetic nephropathy, chronic kidney failure, urinary tract neoplasm, renal parenchymal diseases, polycystic kidney diseases and several other inherited diseases. Once our nephrologist identify that the patient requires specialised tests after the initial assessment, they would refer them for appropriate diagnostic tests including urine and blood tests, kidney biopsy, ultrasonography and so on.
Dialysis unit with sophisticated Haemodialysis machines and monitoring equipments run 24/7 to ensure optimal care to patients. In order to avoid infections and difficulties we have separate dialysis units for HBsAg& HCV positive patients. The dialysis unit inside the ICU makes it more convenient to critically ill patients. The hospital houses the best treatment possibilities for patients undergoing Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT), Continuous Veno‐Venous Hemofiltration (CVVH), and a temporary treatment for patients suffering from acute renal failure and Continuous Arteriovenous Haemodialysis (CAVH) for managing acute renal failure. Apart from diagnosis and treatment, we advise diet and lifestyle changes for effective and speedy recovery. Nephrologists play active role in providing post transplant care to patients after the transplant.

Nephrology Services at PIMS:

  • Dialysis Unit with Ultra-modern Haemodialysis machines and monitoring systems working round-the-clock
  • Modern Reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Separate Dialysis machines and isolation rooms for HBsAg & HCV positive patients
  • Facilities for CRRT, CVVH, CAVH and CAVHD are also available for the critically ill patients with multi-organ failure
  • In addition, all ICUs in this hospital have facilities to dialyse critically ill patients without shifting them to the main Dialysis unit
  • All facilities to investigate diagnose and treat any type of kidney disease in adults and children
  • Regular Haemo Dialysis round-the-clock
  • CAPD training programme for patients and their caregivers
  • Percutaneous Renal Biopsy under Ultra Sound guidance
  • Renal Histopathology and Immunofluorescence studies