CME / RF / Workshop Program in 2022

Sr.No. Date (D/M/Y) CME/RF/Workshop Topic Speaker
1 25/03/2022 CME NTEP Programmatic Updates

CME / RF / Workshop Program in 2021

Sr.No. Date (D/M/Y) CME/RF/Workshop Topic Speaker
1 24/01/2021 CME Radiology Basics Dr. Raja Ram Sharma, Assistant Professor Deptt. of Radiology
2 06/02/2021 Quiz The Neuro quiz Organized by Medicine Deptt.
3 17/03/2021 CME 1.Approach to a Patient of Chest Pain.
2. Interested Case discussion.
Dr. Amit Khandelwal
4 18/03/2021 Workshop Secrets to Great Suture Techniques Dr. M.P. Agrawal
5 10/07/2021 E-CME Vildagliptin in T2DM Patients Dr. R. K. Samar, Associate Professor Deptt. of General Medicine
6 12/07/2021 E-CME Diabetes Pearls, Case Based discussion for individualization of diabetes therapy Dr. R. K. Samar, Associate Professor Deptt. of General Medicine
7 18/07/2021 E-CME Achieving better Outcomes in Patients with Asthma Dr. R. K. Samar, Associate Professor Deptt. of General Medicine
8 02/08/2021 CME Teicoplanin Role in Management of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Dr. Kamlesh Kunwar Shekhawat, Associate Professor Deptt. of Anaesthesiology
9 31/08/2021 E-CME In Hospital Management of Hyperglycemia :Focus on insulin analog Dr. R. K. Samar, Associate Professor Deptt. of General Medicine
10 29/09/2021 Training Basic Life Support Training Dr. Kamlesh Shekhawat Chief Intensivist / PIMS
11 31/10/2021 CME Low backache – Pearls from Anaesthesia and Radiology. Radiology & Anaesthesia Deptt.
12 01/12/2021 Poster Competition WORLD AIDS DAY Theme - End inequalities. End AIDS Community Medicine Department

CME / RF / Workshop Program in 2020

Sr.No. Date (D/M/Y) CME/RF/Workshop Topic Speaker
1 08/01/2020 Research Forum Vascular Segments of Liver Dr. Anju Balaji More (Professor & HOD, Department of Anatomy)
2. 29/01/2020 CME Veetar Analysis in reference to ECG Dr. K.K. Vyas (Professor & HOD Department of General Medicine)
3. 26/02/2020 Research Forum Management of occupational exposure including post exposure prophylaxis for blood borne pathogens Dr. Saumya Singh Associate Professor Department of Microbiology
4. 11/03/2020 Research Forum Medicolegal aspects of accident cases Dr. Som Shekhar Sharma Assistant Professor Department of Forensic Medicine
5. 18/03/2020 CME Newer drug delivery systems Dr. Chintan Doshi Assistant Professor Department of Pharmacology
6. 26/06/2020 Research Forum How to write Research Papers and Journals Dr. Indrajeet Singhvi President Sai Tirupati University
7. 08/07/2020 CME Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A brief overview Dr. Yogesh Motwani Senior Resident Psychiatry
8. 29/07/2020 Research Forum Utility of medical Thoracoscopy in undiagnosed pleural effusion: A tertiary care centre experience Dr. Ashok Kuwal Assistant Professor Department of TB & Chest
9. 12/08/2020 Research Forum Difficult Intubation In Critical Care Patients. Dr. Kamlesh Kunwar Shekhawat (Associate Professor, Depat.- Anaesthesia )
10. 26/08/2020 CME Newer Drag Delivery Systems. Dr. Chintan Doshi (Assistant Prof., Depat.- Pharmacology)
11. 09/09/2020 Research Forum Clinical Interpretation of Semen Analysis. Dr. Shashi Shekhar (Professor & Depat. General Surgery)
12. 21/09/2020 CME HRCT In Covid 19 Cases At Pacific Institute Of Medical Scinces. Dr. Kartikeya Nathiya (DMRE. Dept.-Radiodiagnosis)
13. 28/10/2020 Research Forum Application Of Biostatistics In Medicine Science Research. DR. K.A. Varghese (Statistician Depat. Community Medicine)
14. 11/11/2020 CME Medicalegal Aspects Of Accident Cases. Dr. Somshekhar Sharma (Asst. Professor Depat.- Forensic Medicine
15. 03/12/2020 Research Forum Wirting And Publishing A Researach Artical. Dr.Indrajeet Singhvi ( Vice Chancellor, STU)
16. 04.12.2020 E- CME Handling of Medico Legal Cases Dr. Somshekhar Sharma Asstt.Prof. Forensic Medicine

CME / RF / Workshop Program in 2019

Sr.No. Date CME/RF/Workshop Topic Speaker
1 6/1/2019 CME Doppler Ultrasound Update Dr. Raja Ram Sharma (Assistant Professor Radiology)
2 23/01/2019 Research Forum Immunization in adults, geriatrics and paediatrics Dr. Ritesh Yadav (Asst. Prof., Paediatrics)
3 6/2/2019 CME Swine Flu: Diagnosis And Management Dr. R.K. Samar (Assistant Professor General Medicine)
4 20/02/2019 Research Forum Cervical Neuroendocrine Tumor Dr. Seemant Kumar Saini (Asst. Prof., Pathology)
5 22/03/2019 CME New Guidelines for Tuberculosis Dr. Dinesh Kothari, District Tuberculosis Officer
6 21/05/2019 Research Forum Comparative study of serum calcium and magnesium in preeclamptic pregnancies in third trimester and its comparison with healthy normotensive nonpregnant and pregnant women and to evaluate their role in pregnancy induced hypertension Dr. Sonal Sogani Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry
7 8/6/2019 CME Obesity Dr. R.K. Samar, Asst. Prof. Gen. Medicine
8 29/06/2019 Research Forum A Study of anatomical variations in transverse foramen of cervical vertebrae for morphological & clinical importance Dr. Aditya Pratap Singh, Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy
9 17/07/2019 CME Understanding Osteoarthritis and its treatment options Dr. Himanshu Khichar, Assistant Prof. Orthopedics
10 24/07/2019 Research Forum Assessment of stress coping skills in BDS Students Dr. Veenodini Warhade Professor & Head, Department of Physiology
11 21/08/2019 CME Epistaxis and its management Dr. Vikram Singh Rathore, Assistant Prof. ENT
12 16/10/2019 Research Forum Comparative esatimation of stature from precutaneous tibial measurment & biacromial breath in adults. Dr. Som Shekhar Sharma Assistant Prof. Forensic Medicine
13 23/10/2019 CME Gynaecomastia: Etipathgenesis & Management Dr. M.P. Agarwal, Assi. Prof. Gen. Surgery
14 6/11/2019 CME Dry Eye syndrome Dr. Arun Samer Assistant prof. Opthalmology
15 13/11/2019 Research Forum Placental Laterality as a predictor for Pre- Eclampsia Dr. Kanika Chandra, Assistant Professor Obs & Gynic
16 17/11/2019 CME Ultrasonography of Peripheral Nerves: A Landmark Approach Dr. Rajaram Sharma, Dr. Parikshit More

CME / RF / Workshop Program in 2018

Sr.No. Date CME/RF/Workshop Topic Speaker
1 10/1/2018 CME Scenario of Mycetoma in Rajasthan Dr. D. R. Mathur, Medical Supritendent
2 31/01/2018 Research Forum Assesment of Immunization of Under Five Children of Tribal and Non-Tribal Rural Communities in Southern Rajasthan Dr. Dilip Kumar (Asst. Prof. Com. Med.)
3 7/2/2018 CME Comparision of Narrow Band Imaging Brenchoscopy over White Light Bronchuscopy in Diagnosisi of Lung cancer - A Radomized Study Dr. Ashok Kuwal (Asst. Prof., T. B. Chest)
4 27/02/2018 Research Forum Comarision of Venous and arterial blood gases and pH in Acute Exacerbation of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - An Alternative approach Dr. Bhavesh Sadariya, Asst. Prof, Biochemistry
5 14/03/2018 CME Preventive Sex Selection Abortion Dr. Shiv Shankar (Prof. & Head, General Medicine)
6 21/03/2018 Research Forum A Study of Variation in Cardio Circulatory Parameters with different body positions during isometric exercise in young adult males Dr. Viral I. Champaneri, Physiology
7 4/4/2018 CME SCHIZOPHRENIA Dr. Gaurav Chittora (Senior Resident, Psychiatry)
8 18/04/2018 Research Forum Comparision of three methods for measurement of blood HbA1c as to reliability Dr. Boinapalli Sudhakar, Biochemistry
9 2/5/2018 CME Septic Shock Dr. Kamlesh Kanwar Shekhawat (Asst. Prof. Anesthesia)
10 16/05/2018 Research Forum Study of Gender Selective Abortion in Mumbai Dr. Achala Daga, (Prof. Department of Community Medicine)
11 13/06/2018 CME Pre Natal Conjelling and Genetic Screening Dr. Komal Inani, (Asst. Prof. Obes. & Gyne.)
12 20/06/2018 Research Forum Study of Maternal Risk factors for Low Birth weight Babies Dr. Pradeep Kumar Bhatnagar (Asso. Prof. Department of Obes. & Gynac.)
13 11/7/2018 Research Forum Role of quality indicators in hematology and clinical pathology in a NABL accredited laboratory Dr. Jyoti Sapre, (Associate Professor, Pathology)
14 25/07/2018 CME Breast Feeding Dr. Vivek Prashar (Asst. Prof., Paediatrics)
15 8/8/2018 CME Basic Life Support System Dr. Rakesh Kushwaha (Prof. & HOD Anesthesia)
16 22/08/2018 Research Forum Adverse drug reaction monitoring in psychiatric outpatient department in tertiary care hsopital Dr. Chintan Doshi (Asst. Prof. - Pharmacology)
17 5/9/2018 CME Hair Transplant Dr. Rakesh Meena (Senior Resident, Skin & VD)
18 19/09/2018 Research Forum Bacteriological Profile and Antibiogram of Blood Culture Isolates of Septicemic Patients from Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Dr. Sanjeev Kumar (Assistant Professor, Microbiology)
19 25/10/2018 CME Cleft, Lip and Palate Dr. M.P. Agarwal ( Assistant Professor General Surgery
20 31/10/2018 Research Forum A Study of Dermatoglyphic Patterns (Angles 'atd' 'tad' 'tda' of Hands in Patients of Breast Cancer in Jhalawar Region Mrs. Kalpana Sharma (Assistant Professor, Anatomy)
21 21/11/2018 Research Forum Gastrointestinal dysfunctions after Spinal Cord injury in Patients of Northern - Werstern Region of India Dr. Unmesh Dave (Assistant Professor, Physiology)
22 28/11/2018 CME Introduction to the Interventional Radiology Dr. Raja Ram Sharma (Assistant Professor Radiology)
23 20/12/2018 Research Forum Clinical lab errors and method to prevent them Dr. Boinapalli Sudhakar, (Associate Professor, Biochemistry)
24 26/12/2018 CME Rehabilitation of Deaf & Mute Child Dr. Sunita Meena (Senior Resident, ENT)

CME / RF / Workshop Program in 2017

Sr.No. Date CME/RF/Workshop Topic Speaker
1 18/01/2017 CME Beyond Statins----------? Dr. Shiv Shankar ( HOD, General Medicine)
2 01/02/2017 Research Forum 1. Gender Differences in Childhood Poisoning. 2. Bite Mark Analysis using Computer Assisted Hand Tracing Overlay Method. Dr. Pratik Tarvadi (Asso. Prof. , Forensic Medicine)
3 14/02/2017 CME Recent advances in the Management of Breast Carcinoma Dr. K. C. Choudhary, (HOD, General Surgery)
4 01/03/2017 Research Forum Phenotypic methods for detection and differentiation of Carbapenemases in clinical isolates of Enterobacteriaceae Dr. Sanjeev Kumar (Assistant Professor, Microbiology)
5 01/03/2017 Research Forum Clinico-Haematological correlation in cases of Malaria. Dr. Manjula Babariya ( Assistant Professor, Microbiology)
6 15/03/2017 CME Basics of Knee Replacement Dr. B. L. Kumar, (HOD, Orthopedic)
7 25/03/2017 CME World Tuberculosis Day Dr. Dinesh Kothari, (District Tuberculosis Officer)
8 05/04/2017 Research Forum 1. Study of Morphology of Trachea in different age group of Maharastrian Population 2. Ultrasonographic measurement of splenic Length in reletion with Height in Gujarati Population Dr. Dashrath H Pimple, (Asst. Prof., Anatomy) ,Dr .Ram Kunar Singhal(Asst. Prof., Anatomy)
9 19/04/2017 CME Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Dr. Rakesh Kushwaha Kothari, (HOD Anesthesia)
10 03/05/2017 Research Forum Evalution & Comparision of Atherogenic and Nutritional Index Innormal Healthy Cord Blood Dr. Suman Jain (Asst. Prof. Biochemistry)
11 17/05/2017 CME Preventation of Medication Error and Adverse Durg Reactions (ADRs) Monitoring Dr. Mohammed Imran (Asso. Prof. Pharmacolgy)
12 12/07/2017 CME Drug Utilization study of Psychotropic drugs in outdoor patients in a tertiary care hospital attached with a medical college Dr. Chintan Doshi (Asst. Prof. - Pharmacology)
13 02/08/2017 RF Early Diagnosis of Asymptomatic Peripheral Arterial Disease by Ankle - Brachial Pressure Index Method in Smokers Dr. Unmesh Dave (Asst. Prof. Physiology)
14 23/08/2017 CME Swine Flu : General Introduction,Epidemiology & Management Dr. Piyush Parmar (Asst. Prof., Community Medicine)
15 06/09/2017 Research Forum Assesment of Health Related development indicators & classification of Indian States Based on Composite Indices Dr. Meet Chauhan (Asst. Prof., Community Medicine)
16 20/09/2017 CME Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndorme (PCOS) : Unraveling the Enigma Dr. Jini Gupta (Asst. Prof. Obs. & Gyanic)
17 08/11/2017 Research Forum Breast Feeding and Breast Milk Dr. Vivek Prashar (Asst. Prof., Paediatrics)
18 29/11/2017 CME Keratoplasty Dr. Rishendra Sisodiya (Asst. Prof. Opthalmology)
19 13/12/2017 Research Forum Ovarian Volume and Antral Follicle Count Versus Serum ESH Measurement in Assesment of Ovarian Reserve Dr. Archana Sharma, Senior Resident, Obs. & Gyanc
20 20/12/2017 CME Prevention of Delirium Dr. Vrinda Pareek

CME / RF / Workshop Program in 2016

Sr.No. Date CME/RF/Workshop Topic Speaker
1 6/1/2016 CME Rational Use of Anti-Biotics Dr. A.P. Gupta
2 16/03/2016 CME “Nosocomial Infection Control” ShyamBabuSaxena
3 13/04/2016 CME Common Skin Diseases in Summer Season Dr.Shivangi Sharma
4 15/06/2016 CME Advances in Cataract & Glaucoma Surgery – Opthalmology Dr. Alok Vyas
5 22/08/2016 CME Newer vaccines & its Importance Dr. VivekParasar
6 24/08/2016 CME Pharmacovigilance : Knowledge, Attitude & Perception Dr. Imran Mohammed Imran
7 21/09/2016 CME “ Obstetrics and Gynaecology –Emergencies” Dr. P.K. Bhatnagar
8 19/10/2016 CME “ Diverse Problem in Medical Care ” Dr.A.P.Gupta
9 16/11/2016 CME “Research Methods in Health/Medical Sciences ” Dr. K. A. Varghese
10 7/12/2016 Research Forum “ A comparison between traditional and case based method for learning physiology in first MBBS students” & “Effect of regular physical activity on galvanic skin resistance, cardiovascular parameters and parameters and perceived stress levels in young fema Dr. Ajay Kukreja
11 21/12/2016 Research Forum “ Treatment of Dengue and Malaria” Dr. Shiv Shanker

CME / RF / Workshop Program in 2015

Sr.No. Date CME/RF/Workshop Topic Speaker
1 14/03/2015 Workshop Ablation of Varicose Veins Dr. M.M. Mangal Dr. S. R. Meena Dr. A.P. Gupta
2 18/04/2015 CME Coronary Artery Disease Dr. J.K. Chhaparwal
3 20/06/2015 CME Immunization in Paediatrics Dr. A.P. Gupta
4 22/08/2015 CME Ventilatory Therapy in ARDS Dr. Ajay Singhal
5 24/10/2015 CME Echocardiography in PIMS Dr. J.K. Chhaparwal
6 28/11/2015 CME CPAP Therapy in RDS in neonate Dr. A.P. Gupta