College Council Committee

Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences, Udaipur

Sr.No. Name Designation Department Position in the Committee
1 Dr. Madhu Singhal Principal & Controller Anesthesiology Chairman
2 Dr. Chandra Mathur Medical Suptt. Pathology Co- Chairperson
3 Dr. Monali D. Snawane Prof. & Head Anatomy Member
4 Dr. A. L Bajentri Prof. & Head Physiology Member
5 Dr. S.K. Datta Prof. & Head Microbiology Member
6 Dr. Pankaj Kumar Modi Prof. & Head Pharmacology Member
7 Dr. Anish Ahmed Prof. & Head Forensic Medicine Member
8 Dr. N. K. Gupta Prof. & Head General Medicine Member
9 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Samar Asso. Prof. General Medicine Member
10 Dr. Shivhari V. Ghorpade Prof. & Head Chest & T.B Member
11 Dr. A. K. Reddy Prof. & Head Dermatology Member
12 Dr. Vivek Parashar Asso. Prof. Paediatrics Member
13 Dr. Rajendra Singh Katte Prof. & Head Psychiatry Member
14 Dr. N. L. Vyas Prof. & Head General Surgery Member
15 Dr. Surendra Kumar Samar Asso. Prof. General Surgery Member
16 Dr. B. L. Kumar Prof. & Head Orthopaedics Member
17 Dr. Nitin Singh Salaria Prof. & Head Ophthalmology Member
18 Dr. S. K. Vaishnav Prof. & Head E.N.T Member
19 Dr. Pradeep Bhatnagar Prof. & Head Obst & Gynae Member
20 Dr. Abha Samar Asso. Prof. Obst & Gynae Member
21 Dr. Rakesh Kushwaha Prof. & Head Anaesthesiology Member
22 Dr. Kamlesh K. Shektawat Asso.Prof. Anaesthesiology Member
23 Dr. Sanjay B. Shahu Prof. & Head Radio-diagnosis Member
24 Dr. Suman Jain Asso. Prof. Biochemistry Member
25 Dr. Dilip Kumar L Asso. Prof. Comm. Medicine Member