Urology Super-Specialist

Dr. Kaushal Kumar Gupta


[ MS, M.Ch. (Urology) ]


Dr. Kaushal Kumar Gupta is a best Urologist at PIMS, Udaipur. We have Paediatric Urology and Laparoscopic Urology and Reconstructive Urology. The hospital has all the necessary and most sophisticated equipments like lithotripsy, laser machines like holmium (35W), thulium (200W), X‐ray, Ultrasound scan and flexible laparoscopic instruments to provide specialized care. Lithotripsy is a technology that can remove kidney stones. The Complete Urinary Stone Management Centre at the department is a first of its kind in Udaipur with minimally invasive procedures like PCNL, URS and RIRS (Flexible Ureterorenoscopy) with Laser Lithotripsy. There is a state‐of‐art twin Operation Theatre and ICU for providing pre and post surgical care.

Urology Services at PIMS:

  • Equipped with sophisticated instruments for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Complete Urinary Stone Management Centre with facilities for ESWL, minimally invasive procedures like PCNL, URS and RIRS( Flexible Ureterorenoscopy) with Laser Lithotripsy.
  • Dedicated stone clinic for prevention of recurrence.
  • Ultrasound (Abdominal and Transrectal) and Doppler studies of scrotum and penile vasculature.
  • Surgery for Genitourinary Tumors.
  • Plastic Reconstruction after Cancer Surgery and for Congenital Abnormalities.
  • Prostate surgeries for Benign Enlargement and Cancer.
  • Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Urological Procedures for adults and children of any age group.
  • Treatment for Male Infertility, Testicular diseases and Impotence including Implantation of Penile Prosthesis.
  • Urinary incontinence and prolapse management in females – open and laparoscopic procedures and minimally invasive sling repairs.
  • AV fistula, capd catheter insertion.
  • Male Infertility Management: Varicocoele, Impotence.
  • Prostate Diseases: BPH:-
  • - TURP
  • - TUIP
  • - Thulium Laser
  • - Vaporization of Prostet
  • Urethral Strictures:
  • - Endoscopic Management
  • - Urthroplasty
  • PUJ Obstruction:
  • - Pyeloplasty
  • - Endopyelotomy
  • Cancer Surgery:
  • - Kidney Cancer
  • - Prostate Cancer
  • - Bladder Cancer
  • - Cancer of Penis
  • - Adrenal tumors
  • Female Urology:
  • - Stress Urinary incontinence
  • - (Leakage of urine on coughing/sneezing)
  • - VVF/UVF repair
  • Paediatric Urology:
  • - Stone problem in children
  • - PUJ obstruction
  • - Vesico ureteric reflux (VUR)
  • - Posterior Urethral Valves (PUV)
  • - Ureterocele
  • - Hypospadias repair
  • - undescended testis